How to lodge Complaint against Flipkart [2 Best Strategies]

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Last updated on January 11th, 2023

As per NCH report, more than 2,00,000 complaints were filed against e-commerce companies. Which includes Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, etc.. Usually, with whooping 1 million orders a day, flipkart stands out. Yet, complexity of handling consumer complaints is tough! Most of consumers approach consumer court, at the first instance. But, its a bad idea! Because, it takes at least 10-12 Hearings (more than a year) at Consumer Court. So, be a smart consumer. And, act wisely before filing consumer complaint against Flipkart.

Although, Flipkart resolves most of complaints internally. Besides, Bangalore Consumer Court penalised flipkart with hefty Rs.30,000 (excluding product amount). Likewise, there are thousands of such incidents. Wherein, aggrieved consumers got relief from consumer court. Thus, this blog intents to strike balance between time and justice.

Submit Your Complaint Now

  1. Mention details of your flipkart order like – order id, date of delivery etc.,
  2. Also, mention about your previous complaints.

Common issues faced by Flipkart Consumers.

  • Sale of fake products
  • Empty package delivered
  • Not accepting returns
  • Product not delivered on time
  • Refund amount not credited to the bank account
  • Defective products
  • Wrong items delivered

At first, I strongly recommend you to contact flipkart customer care. Only, if you are unhappy with them. Then, proceed further.

Generally, Most of the consumers skip these Steps. And end up with No RESULTS!

1. Flipkart Help Center

Step 1: Firstly, Click Here to open Flipkart Help Center

Step 2 : Login with your Mobile Number (Email) and OTP (Password)

Step 3 : Type your issues on search bar.

Although, most of the issues are already answered here. Generally, in hurry customers skip this. Thus, end up with grievance.

Additionally, you can complain your issues by selecting the appropriate query.

Contrarily, If you have already raised your concern on Help Centre. And, unhappy with their response, try option 3.

Flipkart Helpcenter Screenshot

2. Flipkart TollFree

Likewise, complain on Flipkart customer care number 1800 208 9898.

Remember: To keep your flipkart order details like – Order ID, date of delivery, Product Name etc.,

3. Flipkart Social Media Handles (Best working)

In fact, this is the quickest approach. Since, no company wants bad reputation : they will try to resolve your issues. For that, just post your complaint by tagging to Flipkart on their social media handles.

Flipkart  Twitter Screenshot

Flipkart Facebook Handle

Flipkart Twitter Handle

Flipkart Insta Handle

Alternatively, you can DM your Order details including order id, date of delivery etc.,

Note: If you are looking for QUICK resolution


In case, if you have missed any above options, please try it. Because, these are time-saving process. Mostly, Flipkart Customer Care tries to resolve the issues.

Procedure by Consumer Protection (E-Commerce) Rules 2020

  1. At first, Consumers must approach Grievance Redressal Officer (GRO) of Flipkart.
    • Accordingly, Send an email at
  2. After, GRO will need to acknowledge the consumer complaint within 48hours.
    And redress the complaint within one month .
  3. In case, If a consumer doesn’t get any response.
    Then, send a letter by registered post to Flipkart Head Office.
    • Grievance Officer,
    • Flipkart Internet Pvt Ltd,
      Buildings Alyssa, Begonia & Clove Embassy Tech Village, Outer Ring Road, Devarabeesanahalli Village, Bengaluru 560103
  4. If, the grievance still remains unresolved. Then, a complaint may be filed at the consumer forum.

2 Best Strategies to lodge a consumer complaint against Flipkart (Online & Offline)

Complaint against flipkart

1. National Consumer Helpline (Online)

Out of 6.7 Lakh, cases registered on NCH in 2020-21. e-Commerce sector had contributed 30% of total grievances. Especially, this is one of the best strategies. In fact, resolves your issues within a short time (usually within 5 days). So, simultaneously file complaint with both GRO and NCH.

It includes, 3 different modes.

  1. Call TollFree Number 1800 11 4000 (or) simply dial 1915. (All Days except National holidays from 8AM to 8PM)
  2. SMS 81300 09809 (or)
  3. Or else, Register your complaint on National Consumer Helpline (NCH Portal).
NCH Portal

Remember: To mention your flipkart order details like – order id, date of order etc., Especially, mention how flipkart customer care failed to resolve your issue.

Out of the above 3 modes, I recommend you to follow the 3rd mode. Because, here you can upload your evidences. Even in the worst case, if your complaint is not resolved by NCH. Then, it will become an evidence to show your attempt. Later, helps you at Consumer Forum.

Despite all, If the issue is not resolved by NCH. Then, you can file a complaint at consumer court.

2. Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum (Online + Offline)

It is popularly known as the Consumer court established under Consumer Protection Act 1986 . According to NCDRC, out of 58 Lakh cases approx. 89% are resolved till date. Hence, there is a high chances of your case being resolved.

  1. District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum (up to Rs.50 Lakh
  2. State Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum (Rs.50 Lakh – Rs.2 Crore
  3. National Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum (up to Rs.2 Crore) 

Based on the disputed amount you can approach the appropriate consumer court.

For example, if your [product amount + compensation + legal fees] is less than Rs.50 Lakh. Then, approach district consumer disputes redressal forum (District Consumer Court).

Click Here – To find the address of your District Consumer Court.

Click Here – To find the address of your State Consumer Court?

This your first legal step.

Remember: it is a time-consuming process (usually more than 12 months).
But, with proper evidence, you can win the case.

Click Here to read about filing consumer case. (IN DETAIL)

How to file a Consumer Case Online?

In fact, Sec.35 of the CP Act 2019, empowers consumers to file complaints online. And It is free upto 5Lakh. Further, Department of Consumer Affairs launched eDaakhil portal. In addition, Consumers can file their complaint on

Frequently Asked Questions

No, without legal notice you can approach consumer court.

There is very good chance of resolving your complaint.

No! Simply, edit the following template as per your case.

Yes, you can send it at and .

Registered AD/UPC


Head- Nodal Officer

Flipkart Internet Pvt Ltd,

Buildings Alyssa, Begonia & Clove Embassy Tech Village,

Outer Ring Road, Devarabeesanahalli Village,

Bengaluru 560103


Respected Sir/Madam,

I [Your Name] residing at [Your address + Mobile Number] serve upon you the following legal Notice.

1. That I purchased an Lenovo Think book, 1TB, 8GB RAM for Rs. ______ vide your date of delivery/ bill dated _____, order id ________________,

2. That the laptop started giving trouble on the very first day. I received defective product and I called Flipkart Customer Care several times. One of your engineers visited our place for repair.

3. That when the engineer opened the processor, it was surprising and shocking, because your company sold used and damaged processor by telling it as new and charged Rs. _________ as its price

4. That your company has created unnecessary financial loss and mental pressure by breaking promises by which I have lost a huge amount.

5. That you have committed cheating, fraud, and breach of trust by supplying old, used, and damaged or defective products and cheated me by giving false promises.

We, therefore, call upon you through this legal notice to refund Rs. _________/- (i.e. cost of the Product Rs. __________/- and other Expenses of Rs. ______/- spent for conveyance and phone calls) with 13.50% interest within a period of 7 days from the receipt of this legal notice failing which I, shall be constrained to file a consumer complaint against your company in the court of law and in that event you might be burdened with all fees and risks which please note carefully.

You are further liable to pay a sum of Rs. ______/- as necessary cost and expenses of sending the present legal notice to you.

Thank You

Yours Faithfully


How does National Consumer Helpline (NCH) resolve your complaint?

  1. Firstly, You register the grievance on any available mode
  2. Then, relevant advice is given by NCH Counsellor
  3. Further, Grievances are segregated company wise
  4. Following, NCH forwards your grievance within 5 days of registration
  5. Despite, If NCH doesn’t receive any response to the initial email. Then, two reminders are sent to Flipkart.
  6. In case, if the response is received, the docket is closed. Which includes, closure remarks given by the company.
  7. After closure, NCH disposes of the docket advising the next course of action.

How legislation help Consumers in India?

Consumer Protection (E-Commerce) Rules 2020 prescribed an elaborate framework for eCommerce entities to oversee and prevent any unfair trade practices.

  1. All refund requests are required to be completed within a reasonable period of time.
  2. NO cancellation charges can be levied on a consumer. That is, even when a consumer wants to cancel a confirmed order. Unless, similar charges are also borne by the entity.
  3. Ecommerce entities are required to obtain express consent. That is from its consumer for the purchase of any goods/services offered.
  4. Also, The price of the goods/services cannot be manipulated to gain unreasonable profits.
  5. Moreover, It is mandatory for eCommerce entities to appoint a grievance redressal officer (GRO). For sole purpose of redressing consumer grievance. For that, The details of the grievance officer -name, contact details, and designation must be displayed on their website.

Pros of Consumer Forum

1. Mediation (Quick Approach)

Consumer Protection Act 2019, especially emphasizes mediation.

Because, it’s QUICK.

After the first hearing, you can give in writing to the consumer forum for referring to mediation.

However, if mediation fails to resolve your dispute, then you can approach Consumer Forum. Thus, this approach is relatively faster. Whereas, all further stages (hearing, execution, etc.,) are time-consuming.

2. No advocate (Less Expensive)

Moreover, you can file your complaint without any advocate. But, If your disputed amount is high (or) if you’re too busy. Then, it’s better to hire an advocate. Despite, after hiring an advocate, you need to appear before the court for 1-2 hearings.

3. Resolve your issue

Your issue will surely get resolved. Since, your case fully depends on your documentary evidence (no oral evidence). Such as invoices, correspondence with Flipkart, terms and conditions, warranty, etc.

4. Get Compensation

According to Consumer Protection Act 2019, there is no court fees for compensation up to Rs.5Lakh.

That means you can claim compensation for your wasted time, mental harassment, and deficiency in service.

Especially, in order to get good compensation you need to submit proper evidence of the losses incurred because of the defective product/services.

For example, Casual leaves(CL), medical certificates/prescriptions, or any other relevant documents to prove your sufferings.

5. Friendly Court

Unlike other courts, Consumer courts are friendly. Thus, you need not be a legal expert. And Simple words are enough in your complaint.

Consequently, It is completely okay to be a first-timer.

6. Satisfaction

A long journey of your unresolved dispute will ultimately be resolved. Thus, you start believing in the judiciary. After the judgment, the amount of satisfaction you gain is immense.

Cons of Consumer Forum

1. Time-consuming process

Despite, the Consumer protection act 2019 prescribes a time limit of 3 months.(without product test)

But usually, it takes more than 12 months. Because, of increasing number of cases, delay in the court summons, more adjournments, etc.,

Furthermore, there are numerous pending cases for many months at various consumer fora.

Moreover, Instead of ignoring the issue/keeping quiet, it is better to fight for justice.

2. No evidence: No Gain;

Without proper proof/evidence there are very less chances of winning the case. So, it’s very important to have relevant documents. Which proves the deficiency in service by Flipkart. Also, if you not produce evidence for your sought compensation. Then, you may end up getting lower compensation.

3. Non-functional

According to The Hindu, a few consumer courts is not functional. And , some are too far from your places. Thus, before filing a complaint, keep these factors in mind and plan accordingly.

4. Huge Vacancies

As per NCDRC, state governments had to fill up a total of 788 posts in district commissions. This is also one of the reasons for delayed justice at consumer forum. However, Supreme Court has warned to fill up the vacancies in Nov 2021, but no update with this regard.

5. Poor Infrastructure

Even though, The Consumer Protection Act of 2019 provides for online filing of complaints. But, IIPA study said 96.5 percent of the forums had computers, many of them outdated. And 87.6 percent had internet connections that were often poor.


Choose your priorities 

1. Time

If your first priority is saving time,

It is recommended to resolve the issue by Grievance Officer or NCH. But, in the worst scenari , you can approach consumer forum. Even then, it is recommended to solve the disputes through mediation as mentioned in earlier para.

2. Justice

If your first priority is justice,

With proper evidence, you can directly approach the consumer forum. And can deny the mediation approach. Here, you can strictly adhere to the law.

(Know your Consumer Rights and prevent yourself from deceiving)

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19 thoughts on “How to lodge Complaint against Flipkart [2 Best Strategies]”

        1. Hey

          Thanks for your question.

          It depends on various factors. Most of the times, I tried to resolve internally with flipkart itself. Because it’s quickest way.
          In rare cases, I moved to NCH and Consumer Court.

      1. Dear Sir,
        I ordered qty 02 Deodorants for Rs 236. Upon receipt of item I found that the MRP of this item is Rs 85 making ordered value as Rs 170.
        I spoke several times to customer care and requested then to take back the item and refund total money as you have violated consumer act by charging me over & above printed MRP.
        But, all the time I got same reply “Sir this item cannot be returned”
        Hope, I am clear in putting up the case.
        This is a clear violation of Consumer Act which Flipcart is not ready to accept.
        I request you to please intervene and close the case by refunding Rs 236.

      2. Ordered kitchen cabinet turned out to be faulty so initiate return but technician said it will not be returned but repaired .. called the customer service they say that technician is saying no issue in the cabinet . Now saying that return window is closed . Earlier lying saying technician visit is done by seller bur Find out that Jeeves is owned by Flipkart So what is the chances ?

      3. I ordered a OnePlus neckband from Flipkart, but unfortunately, I received a duplicate product. I immediately contacted them on the day of delivery, seeking a refund since the item I received was not original. I have proof the product I received has different inner packaging compared to the original one. I know you may have a question as to why I shared my experience with open box delivery on Flipkart. The main reason is that Flipkart’s open box delivery terms and conditions only allow you to check for physical damage. As a consumer, I didn’t think to research the product packaging because it’s not something most people would do. However, when I connected my device, I noticed that the sound quality was unexpectedly low. Curious, I checked customer reviews and realized that the inner packaging of the product was different from the original one. Companies do not change their packaging.I lodged a complaint, but unfortunately, the response I received was not satisfying , as evidenced by the picture I shared. In the image, you can observe that there is a distinct section for accessories such as cables, and the neckband white box should be inside the red box, just like it appears in the customer reviews screenshot I shared. I urge you to carefully see what I received and acknowledge that the level of audio was not up to the expected standard means it’s too low. And now It has been 10 days now, and Flipkart is still apologizing, claiming that they can’t do anything as the seller is rejecting my refund request. I made a transaction using the Paytm wallet .

        After reaching out to Flipkart support regarding the issue, they suggested contacting OnePlus directly and obtaining a complaint number from them before they could proceed with any further action. However, it appeared that Flipkart was eager to end the conversation without adequately addressing the problem. Upon contacting OnePlus, they informed me that they couldn’t provide a complaint number and that the responsibility lies with Flipkart, and I should contact them to resolve the matter.

      4. @Flipkart
        Delivery boy fooled to my Mother while opening the box he slept the phone & said nothing happened to phone shown the running display to my mother,when we reached home & saw the phone later found 2 dent in the phone & now there is no option to return & replace. Pls help

      5. I ordered an AC from flipkart. The app shows it to be delivered but was actually not delivered. I posted tweets, raised complaints and even emailed the grievance office. But, every time they respond to wait for 24-48 hours and then they mark the issue resolved on the app. Please advise as the payment was made in advance.

          1. I ordered 6 kurta and received only 2 kurta and 4 kurta were missing..
            I contacted the Flipkart customer support and the 1st executive did a return only for 2 received one but she told me all 6 will be replaced and I dint have to worry.. I trusted her but to my surprise, I only received 2 replacement for the kurta that I already received and since then I was back and forth with customer support executive, they told me the case is escalated later I see all of sudden Flipkart has blocked my account and not giving access to my account. When a contacted and emailed them for help requesting them to unblock my account so that I can follow up on my on going issue of 4 missing Kurta, they replied stating that my account can never be unblocked due to multiple return request raised. But these multiple return request were raised by customer service executive and none told me that if multiple requests are raised account will be locked.. all they kept saying is previous return request were not placed properly by previous advisor hence they have to replace it in order to get my refund.. Flipkart was solely responsible for blocking of my account and they are now denying unblocking my account nor im able to follow up my refund request on 4 missing kurta..

            I need help with this. I have submitted all the evidence they requested but still now no response for my missing kurta case… The backend team just says, as my account is blocked they can proceed further, as account details are not visible…
            Kindly help me as I’m running behind the team since 28th December 2023.

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