The Complete List of Consumer Rights [Updated 2023]

consumer rights

Last updated on January 8th, 2023

Do you know? There are 33 Consumer Rights!

Yes! You heard it right.

It is neither 6 nor 8 Consumer Rights. But Whooping 33!

This ‘Consumer Rights Project’ brings you 33 Consumer Rights from numerous countries including India, US, UK, EU(27), South Africa, Australia, Japan, China, South Korea, Brazil, Russia, Netherlands, Sweden, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Canada and ASEAN(10). 

Subsequently, it drives you through various rights of evolving world (Online shopping, Covid-19, etc.,)

To protect against market abuses. And as a means of raising global awareness about consumer rights, World Consumer Rights day is marked on 15th March every year.

Who sets the guidelines for Consumer Protection?

Major counties across the globe make their consumer polices based on guidelines set by United Nations General Assembly. This is the basis for Consumer rights and responsibilities.

What are the guidelines by United Nations?

10 Major guidelines which are widely followed by most member nations of UN are

  1. National policies for consumer protection
  2. Physical safety
  3. Promotion and protection of the economic interests of consumers
  4. Standards for the safety and quality of consumer goods and services
  5. Distribution facilities for essential consumer goods and services
  6. Dispute resolution and redress
  7. Education and information programs
  8. Promotion of sustainable consumption
  9. Protection for consumers using electronic commerce
  10. Protection of consumer privacy

What are Consumer Rights?

Consumer rights are the exclusive rights of end user which are recognized and protected by the law of particular country.

Some countries including India, China, UK, European Union, Brazil and Japan have Consumer Rights. However, other countries like US, Australia, Russia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria provides provisions to protect their consumers.

consumer rights

How many countries have Consumer Rights?

In a study of 60 countries, it is found that 77% of the countries have consumer protection act. Whereas 13% of the countries don’t have consumer protection act.

And 8% of the countries are planning/drafting to implement consumer protection act.

32 Consumer Rights across the globe

1. Right to Safety

In the present times, we have noticed mobile blast incidents where issue of consumer aren’t addressed.

Right to safety

Consumer safety is the highest priority of government.

Therefore, this right protect consumers against harmful goods and services.

Quality in a product or service is not what the supplier puts in. It is what the customer gets out and is willing to pay for. A product is not quality because it is hard to make and costs a lot of money, as manufacturers typically believe.

Peter Drucker.

Quality of the product ensures the safety. Hence countries set standards and quality marks.

For Instance, In India BIS Hallmark certifies the purity of gold and silver ornaments.

BIS Hallmark

2. Right to be Informed

Are are cheated with overprice and poor quality product?

Right to be informed

Every Consumer has right to be informed about the quality, quantity, potency, purity, standard and price of goods. And thus to protect the consumer against unfair trade practices and misleading advertising.

Indeed, most of the countries including India, EU, UK, Poland and US provides this right.

3. Right to Choose

Monopoly in market increases prices of goods. And decreases consumer’s choice of buying.

Thus there should be competition in the market, which impulsively decrease the prices. As a result it increases the consumer’s choice of buying.

right to choose

For Example, Competition Commission of India (CCI) ensures fair, competitive and innovative market.

4. Right to be Heard

Firstly, It is the right of consumer to form consumer organizations,which obviously reflects the interests of consumers in various polices of the government.

right to be heard

At last, If anything goes wrong, consumer can approach the various consumer courts. Where the issue of consumer is taken care of.

Countries like India, UK, EU and Japan reflects Consumer interests in their government polices. And in development of goods and services. 

5. Right to Seek redress

This right ensures to seek redress against unfair trade practices.

Additionally it includes right to fair settlement of the genuine grievances of the consumer. Almost all the 48 countries in our study has provisions to ensure this right.

right to seek redress

Recently, Consumer court awarded Rs.2Crore compensation to the model for mental trauma and job loss due to bad haircut.

6. Right to Consumer Education

It is the right of consumer to know and informed about various standards, marks, institutions, and polices established by the government. It makes consumer more confident while buying.

Altogether, there are the 6 Consumer Rights as per Consumer affairs department.

In short, every countries promote consumer awareness and consumer interests.

7. Right to a healthy environment

No consumer product should harm the environment. Because, unhealthy environment is detrimental to human kind.

right to healthy environment

For instance, CFCs from refrigerator has potential to deplete the ozone layer.
Thus a government regulation is required to protect the consumer rights and environment.

8. Right to satisfaction of basic needs

This right entitles the consumer interests. Even, the goals of United Nations Sustainable Development address the global challenges like poverty, inequality, environmental degradation etc.,

Thus, basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, health, education and sanitation are essential for everyone. Therefore this rights empowers human welfare.

Note:- There are 8 Consumer Rights as per United Nations and UK.

9. Right to file a Consumer Complaint from anywhere

Issue of consumer can be now addressed from anywhere. The new Consumer Protection Act 2019, says that a complaint can filed from anywhere in India.

What exactly it means to consumer?

For example, If James purchases product in Jaipur. And found it defective once he returns home(Bangalore).

Then, he can file a complaint in Bangalore.

right to file complaint from anywhere

In addition, a consumer can file complaint via electronic platform. As a result it reduces consumer harassment and thus protecting consumer interests.

10. Right to seek compensation under product liability

With the phenomenal raise in eCommerce businesses across the globe. A drastic increase in the consumer complaints have been noticed.

As per NCH report, nearly 21% (Highest) of the total complaints filed in FY 2019-20 was against eCommerce businesses.

To counter this issue, new right was enacted to seek compensation against manufacturer, seller and eCommerce business.

In Brazil, this right is referred as Right to Indemnity, which accredits consumer interests and welfare.

11. Right to protect consumers as a class

A class, here refers to a group of consumers with same kind of grievance against the seller or manufacturer.

right to protect consumers as a class

For instance, if you and your friends were cheated by same seller with same kind of grievance. This right protects you as a class against the deficiency.

How does it make a difference?

Well, the answer is “Unity is strength” 🙂

12. Right to seek a hearing using video conferencing

You might have noticed that earlier provisions provided the consumer with right to file complaint from anywhere.

But how exactly it happens?

Through the evolving technology, it is possible.

right to seek a hearing using video conferencing

Because of this right, consumer can appear to the court through video conferencing.

Practically speaking, technological implementation in country like India takes more time.

13. Right to know the reason for complaint rejection

You are aware of the fact that Indian Courts take more years to resolve the issue. To encounter this, a new provisions (by government of India) is made which is time bound.

right to know the reason for complaint rejection

Accordingly, your complaint should be admitted or rejected within 21 days from the date of filing. In case of rejection, a consumer has right to know it’s reason.

14. Right to Truthful Advertising

European Union provides unique set of rights to the consumers for evolving world (eCommerce, data privacy, AI).

Good products can be sold by honest advertising. If you don’t think the product is good, you have no business to be advertising it.

David Ogilvy

How often are we mislead by untruthful advertisements?

right to truthful advertising

Unknowingly we have been the victims of misleading advertisements. Hence this right protects the consumers from untruthful ads.

15. Right to have faulty goods repaired or replaced

Have you ever received faulty goods?

Is your shopping site denying to repair it?

right to have faulty goods repaired or replaced

Now, issue of consumer is protected against faulty goods. And they can request for repair or replacement.

Thus it is an obligation for shopping site.

16. Right to contracts without unfair clauses

You are now protected against unfair clauses of the businesses. Because of which the consumers faced huge harassment over the years.

17. Right to return most goods purchased online within 14 days

It is simple, to the point.

right to return most goods purchased online

With drastic increase in online shopping, the government is providing more consumer-friendly provisions to enhance the consumer interests.

18. Right to free assistance from European Consumer Centers

If you have issues with trader based within the EU/EEA, you are entitled to get free assistance from ECC.

Right to free assistance from European Consumer Centers

19. Right to access goods and services on the same terms as local customer

To counter the discrimination against online consumers. This right protects from being differentiated from local consumer.

20. Right to change your mind

Have you changed your mind?

No Worries!

Right to change mind

Within cooling-off period (14 days) you can return your products. That too, without giving any reasons. However you may have to pay return charges.

21. Right to refund for delayed or non-delivery

Haven’t your products delivered yet?

Are you annoyed of delayed delivery?

right to refund for delayed or non delivery

Just claim the refund within days 30days of delivery.

22. Off-Premise Purchases Rights

When you buy things on the streets of EU, Norway and Iceland. And if the purchased goods turn out to be faulty. It is obligation on seller to replace/repair it.

Off Premise Purchase rights

EU Directive entitles a minimum of 2 years guarantee at no cost.

23. Store Purchase Rights

The guarantee of 2 years apply to Store Purchases in EU, Norway and Iceland.

Store Purchase Right

In addition, a clear information of price, shipping and delivery costs should be mentioned.

Interested to read in detail? Click here

24. Air Passenger Rights

Is your flight delayed, cancelled, or overbooked?

As a consumer you are entitled to free beverages and meals at the airport.

In case of flight cancellation, you get free hotel accommodation.

Has your baggage been damaged, did it get lost, or did it go missing?

You can request reimbursement from the carrier for the cost of your suitcase and damaged goods. 

25. Rail Passenger Rights

Passengers get free meals, refreshments and accommodation incase of delay more than 60 minutes (T&C Apply).

Rail Rights

If the delay is more than 2Hours, passengers get 50% of the fare as compensation.

During injury/death, rail companies must compensate the passengers.

26. Maritime Travel Rights

Passengers are entitled to information, assistance, and compensation in the event of a delayed or cancelled journey.

Maritime Rights

In addition passengers are protected by law if you have reduced mobility.

A carrier or insurer will pay the compensation in case of fatal incident a sea.

27. Road Travel Rights 

Consumers are entitled with specific rights when renting a car.

road travel rights

In case of delay, cancellation and lose of baggage in public transport there are specific consumer rights based on travel distance and delay time.

28. Package Travel Rights

There are two types, Package travel and linked travel.

package rights

In each case, there are specific rights with respect to cancellation and compensation.

For more details on EU Directive Click Here

29. Accommodation Rights

Depending on the Accommodation like hotels, holiday clubs and camping various consumer rights are entitled.

As Hotel bookings are not specifically regulated by EU law, consumers should know about their rights and obligations.

30. Right of Fair Deal

Consumers are entitled for fair deal.

Fair Deal

For example, in case of price discrimination based on gender or class. Consumers have right to get fair price.

31. Right that Human Dignity is respected

Consumer protection law in China, ensures it’s consumers a special right that their human dignity, national customs and habits are respected.

32. Right to exercise supervision

Here consumers have right to exercise supervision over commodities, services as well as the work of protection of consumer rights and interests.

Supervison Right

33. Right to Privacy

Consumers have the right to protect their confidentiality in respect of unwanted correspondence.

That is, they have right to refuse unwanted sms, calls, letters and e-mails.

Does U.S has Consumer Rights?

In US, Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices (UDAP), various federal and state laws govern the consumer rights. This detailed report shows significant gaps across all the states.

Who protects Consumer Rights in Australia?

Australian Competition and consumer commission has consumer guarantees to protect consumers against unfair trade practices.


After analyzing the Consumer Rights of 49 countries, it is found that the basis of all these consumer rights is the 10 Major guidelines by United Nations.

Almost all the countries prioritize Consumer safety, quality, price, choices, dispute resolution, compensation and education.

Despite this, few countries are yet to update their consumer rights with emerging world.

However, it is truly impossible to check how effectively Consumer Rights are implemented in each country. (comment below your country and it’s effectiveness)

Your every share of this post encourages us to do more.

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